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Join the entire floral industry in supporting consumer-direct marketing through the That Flower Feeling Foundation!

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Frequently Asked Questions

That Flower Feeling is a 501(c)6 and your donation is not directly tax-deductible, but can be itemized as a marketing expense.

All funding will be deployed directly towards continuing consumer-direct marketing efforts for That Flower Feeling brand, ‘Flowers, Self care made easy’ campaign, and the development of new campaigns. You can expect an ongoing, broadly scaled marketing effort through digital platforms, digital audio, podcasts, influencers, out-of-home advertising, point-of-sale materials, and more. Campaign assets will continue to be shared with industry stakeholders.

That Flower Feeling will continue to gather and release marketing analytics, including impressions/engagements as well as durect consumer surveys/research to gauge campaign effectiveness and inform ongoing marketing decisions based on platform performance.

Yes, the Foundation will provide donors with on-demand financial statements so all donors will understand how their contributions are being used to promote the use and enjoyment of fresh flowers.

The U.S. floriculture industry has deep ties to numerous countries who are integral to the floral supply chain. Any and all companies with an interest in growing the U.S. market are encouraged to contribute to the campaign, regardless of your location, and you will experience the same benefits as a U.S.-based donor.

With a 3 year period of established funding levels, That Flower Feeling Foundation can provide consistent, repetitive positioning across numerous digital media channels, as well as bring new creative campaigns, out-of-home concepts, and high quality marketing assets to the industry and its consumers.

There is a broad network of partners who are committed to supporting the floral industry by sponsoring That Flower Feeling. See the full list of sponsors by visiting