Anna Rose Baca


Steve dionne

Executive Director

AnnaRose Baca holds the position of CEO for Kendal Floral Supply / Florexpo, a leading grower, supplier, and distributor of fresh cut flowers in the United States. In her current role, Anna leads a team to strive for excellence in developing new products; breaking into new key markets; and redefining corporate and social responsibility in the marketplace and within the organization. Anna and her qualified team focus on meeting demanding targets; developing strategic alliances; creating a stable and sustainable business environment; and managing community relations.

Anna began her career at Kendal Floral / Florexpo in the sales department prior to her appointment to Chief Executive Officer. She has held other positions within the organization including Sales Manager and General Manager. Under Anna’s leadership, the organization has experienced radical sales growth in the 20+-year time frame in which she has been working. Anna excelled in creating both the structure and team necessary to guide the company through the turbulence and uncertainty of this dramatic growth. As CEO, Anna is committed to continually increasing sales, establishing effective communication and leadership within her team, developing strong strategic partnerships with customers and continuous process improvement at the facility level. Anna is also committed to a higher level of corporate and social responsibility.