May 11, 2024

A 5 Step Guide on How You Can Integrate Flowers Into Your Self Care Routine

A 5 Step Guide on How You Can Integrate Flowers Into Your Self Care Routine

Self care has always been around, but as of late it’s become a fad. Chemical peels, juice cleanses and acrobatic yoga classes—you name it. But, what if we told you there was an easier way to go about putting yourself first? Possibly the easiest way to go about caring for yourself without risking a pulled muscle or chemical burn, flowers are here to save the day. 


It may seem daunting to integrate a new self care routine, so we’ve taken the liberty of naming a few ways you can go about constructing a new way to care for yourself with flowers at the center of them all.

  1. Arranging flowers on a weekly basis

Finding that creative outlet can be difficult for a lot of people, so why not give this one a try? Refreshing your space on a weekly basis gives you an activity to look forward to. Play your favorite songs, grab some blooms at the grocery store or local florist and go to town expressing yourself through flowers!

  1. Flower baths

We know how it sounds—flowers? In a bath? But trust us, it’s perhaps the most relaxing set up. A warm bath with candles and the mixed scents of lavender, roses and chamomile is not only relaxing on the muscles, but the scents make it an aroma-therapy session. 

  1. Girls night in

Let’s say you’re already someone who uses flowers for self care (go you!), wouldn’t you want to spread that love with your favorite people? Having a girls night in is a great way to boost your mood, you can spend time with your best friends and make self care bouquets together. Who wouldn’t love a night full of flowers, friends and fun?

  1. Stop and smell the flowers—literally

Everyone has heard the cliché saying, but it’s kinda spot on. Flowers are all around us, all it takes is a simple online search to see where the closest florist, botanical garden or floral fields are. Taking a day trip to one of these locations is not only a great way to support local business, but it gets you out and about appreciating the small things in life, like flowers!

  1. Gifting flowers

One of the best feelings is making someone’s day, and flowers can do that too! The next time you’re wanting to show someone that you appreciate them, consider getting them some flowers, or better yet make them an arrangement yourself! Not only will it make their day, but their smile can make you feel great, too.